A musical journey of acceptance and a reminder of the gentle giant within us all

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​​Together, let's THUMP OUT BULLYING!

Nelson the Giant Children’s Anti-Bullying Story-Song/Activity Book

An Early Intervention Resource to Help Foster Kindness and Acceptance

Through the Fundamental Lens of Empathy.  

You can also catch Ms. Kate and Nelson the Giant on Saturday and Sunday mornings on  YourTV-Halton!

​​Join Ms. Kate on "The Thursday THUMP!" on YouTube and learn about EMPATHY & FRIENDSHIP!

 "The Story of Nelson the Giant: A Heart as Big as his THUMP", 

is a music and art-based program created for children

to help teach empathy, prevent bullying and promote social harmony. 

Through the power of imagination, music, art, and a giant's heart, 

Nelson the Giant is a unique story song and teaching resource that helps to guide children (4 - 10 years old) as they learn to understand the importance of practicing

empathy, acceptance, inclusiveness and kindness.