“As a school counselor, it is hard to find meaningful material that resonates with my young students. Nelson the Giant is a wonderful resource that allows students to learn about kindness and acceptance in a way that is impactful, yet easy to understand, and most importantly, enjoyable!”

Katie Scruggs
School Counselor
Alderson Elementary

"I had the pleasure of having Sandy present Nelson the Giant to all my grade 1 to 3 classes this week. She is inspiring and age appropriate with the students and her message about being respectful, kind and caring with one another was very clear. The students responded well to her energy and the story is very powerful. I would highly recommend this presentation at all schools. With National Bullying Awareness week fast approaching, I think all schools could benefit from having Sandy share her story and passion with your students."

Heidi Nelson
Child and Youth Counsellor
Guardian Angels School

"Sandy's genuine connection with children coupled with her passion to bring her message of kindness and empathy to children by connecting music, art, literacy, and engaging dialogue was nothing short of captivating and brings a fresh new approach to bullying awareness. Her dramatization of the story while her Nelson the Giant song was playing held the entire room spellbound and successfully engaged a large group of children of varied ages. I highly recommend this experience for all children!"

Bev Calvin

Consultant and Previous Children's Workshop Presenter

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Nelson the Giant

Fostering Empathy in Children Through the Power of Imagination, Music, Art, and Film  


"Thank you so much Sandy Gemmill for presenting at my school today. Your positivity was felt by ALL the students...and also by me. Your presentation was interactive, fun, and meaningful. I love, love, love the book and CD you provided us with. I can't wait to put up all the colouring pages on my bulletin board. They turned out fantastic! Again..I thank you for today and everyday that you spread your caring, kind, and insightful message.. THUMP out bullying!!!!"

Kerri Shaw
Child Youth Counselor

"As a professional Child and Youth Counsellor I look for a clear message that is delivered in ways that kids will engage with and understand. I liked Nelson The Giant because it gave me the feeling of going back to the grass roots; using imagination and interacting with the kids. When I observed the children experience Nelson the Giant I noticed how captivated and engaged they were especially by the music and singing. The other thing I really valued about Sandy's presentation of Nelson the Giant was the focus it places on positive behaviours as reinforcement. The added value of the book and CD brings long lasting value that helps us to solidify the message long after the event had concluded. Thank you Sandy!"

Kate Pipe

Child & Youth Counselor

Halton Catholic District School Board

"Congratulations!!! I was so pleased to join your book sharing yesterday!!!  What an accomplishment you've achieved to take your ideas through all the many levels - both the music & lyrics produced and published - ready to share with the world!!! Wow!!! 
Was wonderful to see how attentively the young & old were listening to your story - loved how you've included that great interaction with your marching through the town - the young ones in tow!!! Such fun!!!  And it's not easy to address such a varied crowd - age wise as well as the coming and going of shoppers!!  But your group gathered near were definitely listening to your words - and relating to how Nelson was feeling - even our Sarah offered up a suggestion or two!!  And how they enjoyed drawing their own version of Nelson - something to stay with them as they left or find on the internet - their own connection that is so important.
And what a bright and colourful activity book A Heart as Big as His Thump with the CD pocket!!!  When you had finished, it was fun to notice how the children & parents were attracted to your book - eagerly looking through the pages of their copies together - Nelson and his important story being shared again!!!  And of course, heading home to find their own crayons and markers - that personal connecting piece!!!

Most importantly, your story and music with it's important message is spreading!!!  Congratulations!!!!  Well done!!!!!"
Best wishes,
Shirley D.