​​Together, let's THUMP OUT BULLYING!

Nelson the Giant Children’s Anti-Bullying Story-Song/Activity Book

An Early Intervention Resource to Help Foster Kindness and Acceptance

Through the Fundamental Lens of Empathy.  


A musical journey of acceptance and a reminder of the gentle giant within us all

Nelson the Giant Creative Inc. © 2022. All rights reserved.

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You can also catch Ms. Kate and Nelson the Giant on Saturday and Sunday mornings on  YourTV-Halton!

 "The Story of Nelson the Giant: A Heart as Big as his THUMP", 

is a music and art-based program created for children

to help teach empathy, prevent bullying and promote social harmony. 

Through the power of imagination, music, art, and a giant's heart, 

Nelson the Giant is a unique story song and teaching resource that helps to guide children (4 - 10 years old) as they learn to understand the importance of practicing

empathy, acceptance, inclusiveness and kindness.